If Fire Emblem took place in 2016.

More of a creative project rather than comedic

The idea just popped into my head a few days before I finished up Fire Emblem: Dates. Started working on it on Valentine’s Day, and now have finished today, March 13th.

FOR SOME REASON Youtube description break long links… if anyone would like the source to a picture, leave a comment, send me a tweet, send me a MySpace message, anything. I’ll get you it. I got you.

Here’s the song that was used:

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Here’s all the other assets I used (please let me know if I missed any or got any wrong):


Corrination:… /

Obey Camilla:… / /

Nohrian Scum Myspace Fight:… /

ObsidianWasp Waifu 101:… / /

Takumi Explosion: /

Elise It’s Lit!:… /

Hooker Emblem: Bankruptcy:… /

Takumi Cena (not sure if this guy actually made it):… /

Tarzan Conquest:… /

Takumi screaming (typical):… /

Nohrain Scum! Bike fall:… /

Taylor Swift Nohrian Scum:… /

This isn’t even Fire Emblem, oh who am I kidding? Smash is Fire Emblem now:… /

Xander Red Lobster:… /

Iwata Rawr Rawr Rawr:… /

Corrin and Felicia: /

Corrin Profile Picture:… /

Chibi Corrin by Chibify:

Peri Bikini (Not 100% on source, please correct me if I’m wrong):… /

Effie lifting a piano:… /

Charlotte being… Charlotte:… /

Hinoka:… /

Camilla:… /

Niles:…ァイアーエムブレムif-ゼロ-fire-emblem-if-zero /